What country of Romans called Caledonia

What country of Romans called Caledonia?

As the inhabitants of this country called themselves, the Romans called their picats, the Latin means that «Colored» or «Colored».

As noted in the Roman chronicles, Caledonia inhabited high-growth people and with red hair. By the way, modern Scots – the highest inhabitants of Europe, and there are a lot of redhead among them.

What country of Romans called Caledonia

In the first century.NS. The Romans invaded Britain and won most of the island, but Caledonia could never be able to conquer.

Word «Caledonia» can be found on modern maps. «New Caledonia» The famous navigator James Cook called, in honor of his Motherland Scotland, the group open in 1774 in the Pacific Ocean. Now New Caledonia – overseas territory of France.

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