What country is the island of Tahiti

What country is the island of Tahiti?

Tahiti Island in the Pacific is part of the French Polynesia – major cluster of the islands that have the status of the overseas territory of France.

French Polynesia is managed by the High Commissioner, representing the President of France. However, part of the powerful functions was transferred to local representative and executive authorities. Residents of Tahiti have french citizenship.

What country is the island of Tahiti

Magnificent nature Tahiti, a soft tropical climate and a welcoming population have long attracted the attention of Europeans, especially cultural representatives.

Here at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, the famous French artist Paul Gogen lived and worked, and in 1977, Vladimir Vysotsky rested on Tahiti, together with his wife, Marina Vladimir Vysotsky.

What country is the island of Tahiti

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