Wedding in Georgia

Wedding in Georgia

If you are invited to a Georgian wedding, do not refuse. Firstly, this will be fatally offended invited, and in addition, the wedding in Georgia is so big-minded that there is something to see. The feast takes place with a big scope, on the table the central place is occupied by various national meat dishes and beautiful weathered wines.

No Georgian wedding costs without kidnapping the bride, however, now it is done only with the consent of the bride and her family. When the bride comes into the house of the groom from the roofs produce a white bird, and the young giving decorations from the tree so that their family life is happy and prosperous. No guest comes to a wedding with empty hands, and even the strangess "competitions" on the best gift.

Wedding in Georgia

Of course, the wedding in Georgia is first of all toasts pronounced by Tamada, a lot of music, songs and dances.

Tamada – one of the main wedding participants. This is a leading holiday, no wedding does not do without Tamada. He pronounces toasts, sets the tone and the direction of the whole holiday.

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