Water transport in Latvia

Water transport in Latvia

Marine communication in Latvia is developed, but not diverse. In total, there are 11 ports of which ferries in Russia, Sweden, Germany, Estonia.

The main passenger port is located in the capital of the country – Riga. On the Riga-Stockholm line operates the Tallink operator (WWW.Tallinksilja.COM). The price of one bedroom starts from € 24.

Stena Line (WWW.Stenaline.RU) Cruises from Ventspils to Nyuneshamn (Sweden) and Travenda (Germany), and from Liepaja – only in Travend. The cost of the economy class at the ferry Scottish Viking, the next from Wespilles in Nyneshamn, starts from € 65 per car with a driver, a cruise in this city from Liepaja will cost € 70, in Travemünde the same carrier delivers for € 45.

You can book tickets through any of numerous Internet services.

Water transport in Latvia

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Water transport in Latvia

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