Water Park Caneva Attractions Garda Travel Guide

Water Park Caneva

Water Park Caneva World –The largest amusement park on Lake Garda. Park is near Paechago.

Water Park Caneva– This is an Aquaparadise Water Park and Moviestudio theme Park. Interestingly, water entertainment in Kaneva Park Tourists can alternate with the surveillance of the shooting process. In particular, here you can watch the work of cascaders, behind the filming «Horror» Or, how the effects 5D are built.

Water Park Caneva Attractions Garda Travel Guide

Tourists prefer to visit the water park in the heat, and it is not by chance: the park resembles a tropical island with splash palm trees, beautiful sandy beaches. There are several roomy pools, rides on water, beacons are installed in the old style. Gorki in the park of various levels of difficulty, ranging from the easiest for young tourists and ending with frightening «Kamikaze» and «Black hole».

Interestingly, a grand night festival is held in the water park in July and August, during which tourists can admire South American dances, laugh at funny clowns, as well as admire fireworks.

Water Park Caneva Attractions Garda Travel Guide

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