Water Museum Attractions Alicante Turprom Travel Guide

Water Museum

Water Museum occupies three floors of a small building built at the foot of the mountains. In it, guests will tell in detail about the water supply systems of Alicante and about the water as a whole. In the 15th century, a hydrotechnical system was built on the territory of Alicante – Harrigos Wells, who received their name in honor of the engineer. It was intended to collect rainwater that flows from Mount Benacantil.

Water Museum Attractions Alicante Turprom Travel Guide

The water museum is devoted to a visual demonstration of how before the beginning of the 20th century in special wells, rainwater was collected from Benacantil’s foothills and provided an alican with fresh water. By the way, the famous Santa Barbara castle is located on the same mountain. The museum is open to 21-00, you do not need a ticket for entering.

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