Walk in Istanbul. Binbird’s tank (Binbir Direk Sarnici)

Walk in Istanbul. Binbird’s tank (Binbir Direk Sarnici)

Peninsula between the Golden Horn (Golden Horn) and Propontide (the ancient Greek Name of the Marmara Sea), on which ancient Constantinople was founded, unique. But he has one essential drawback – almost complete absence of fresh water sources. Constantinople experienced an acute shortage of drinking water. Aqueducts had to pull more than 200 kilometers. But the Byzantines found a way out of this difficult situation.

Walk in Istanbul. Binbird's tank (Binbir Direk Sarnici)

They began to build huge accumulative tanks or tanks. For an antiquity seeker, they represent the most valuable resource – located, as a rule, under the ground, the tanks escaped the destruction and reached us exactly in the same form in which architects were conceived. In modern Istanbul, currently known about 40 tanks.
Today I want to tell you about the tank Binbell (Binbir Direk Sarnici) – one of the oldest (IV in.) Underground tanks included in the overall system of reserve water supply of the city, built during the Emperor of Constantine I.

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