Vogel (Vogel)

Vogel (Vogel)

Vogel (Vogel).
On the alpine plateau, heel at an altitude of 1540 – 1800 m is equipped with excellent ski slopes. Runs are good for medium and well-prepared skiers. The zone of skiing Vogel is considered the most snowy of all alpine resorts at a given height.

Snow here is steadily resting from mid-December to the end of April. On the plateau to the ski lifts delivers a cable car (two 30-seater gondolas), the bandwidth of which is 350 people per hour. Distance from hotels to the cable car from 900 m to 4 km. 8 lifts work on the vegel.

Located Plateau in the Ski Region Bohin Lake.

The length of ski trails: 18 km.

The length of crossing routes: 8 km.

Delta Heights: 569 -1800 m.

Vogel (Vogel)

Lifts: 4 chairlifts, 4 buckers, 1 Gondola (Max 50 people).

The complexity of ski slopes: 4.5 km – medium, 1.5 km – Lightweight, 12 km – difficult.

Additional service: Snowboard tracks, Half-Pipe, Ski schools, Snow tracks, snack bar, Guide services, Parachute, Ski hardware.

Vogel (Vogel)

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