Visas on Tuvalu

Visas on Tuvalu

Visa on Tuvalu citizens of Russia is not required. Permission to stay on the territory of Tuvalu, valid for 1 month, is issued on arrival for free.

    Visas on Tuvalu
  • Passport, whose validity period is at least six months from the date of entry;
  • Confirmation of the reservation of the hotel or voucher travel agencies;
  • return ticket;
  • Evidence of financial consistency for the entire period of stay in the country (at the rate of 50 AUD per person per day).

Permission can be extended in place for up to three months (Cost of registration – 10 AUD).

Transit passengers that continue to travel by the same or docking flight within 24 hours from the moment of arrival in the country, should make a visa to the country’s country, if required, and air tickets all over the route.

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