Visas in the Gambia Personal Experience

Visas in Gambia: personal experience

Nuances intersection of the border from Senegal with an already received visa

He received a visa of Gambia in Guinea-Bissau ($ 40). On the border with Senegal, it turned out that some more letter from "receiving parties" (most likely, it would come from the hotel, but I didn’t have.) In the end, +30 euros had to give.

Visa to Gambia

Entrance to the Gambia on the ground from the south

Visas in the Gambia Personal Experience

On the ground border from Kazamasa (South Senegal) for entry into the Gambia (even if we are transit. We took out from the Banjula in 2 days) require a visa. Transit visas (according to border guards) are not issued there, it is possible to make only the usual one month for 30 euros.

At the same time, if you enter the gambia from the opposite side (from the northern part of Senegal), then they put a stamp on a visa-free 72-hour stay, demanding 1000 Senegal francs (70 rubles).

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