Visas in Thailand Personal Experience

Visas in Thailand: Personal experience

I was sure I would get a visa at the entrance to Thailand. Still get! Flew "Aeroflot". And it turned out that I would not give a visa. I live in Russia, but my passport is Belarusian. And I clarified very many friends, as things are with a visa, came to the site, called somewhere. And nowhere it flashed.

Thais wanted me to send back for a visa. And my hotel is booked, limousine is waiting. That’s fun!

Visas in Thailand Personal Experience

I understood: it is necessary to look for some country in the neighborhood, where there is a flight right now and where they will be written without a local visa, as well as where there is a Thailand embassy and a visa design takes no more than 24 hours. I stand at the airport, and all my friends around the world, whom I called at home, seek this information for me on the Internet. This country was Malaysia. Came across the criteria.

Visas in Thailand Personal Experience

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