Visas in Rwanda Personal experience

Visas in Rwanda: personal experience

Having learned that for obtaining a visa of Rwanda, it is necessary to go to the approval of the local authorities first, I was knocked out and even I was thinking if I could change the conceived route. True, it was only a minute weakness, because a more careful study of the issue led to the conclusion: everything is much easier than it seems.

So, I thought about the information available at http: // www.Migration.GOV.RW and in accordance with the rules filled out a simple questionnaire right online; As an invitation, a booking confirmation from the hotel. A few hours did not pass, as a PDF file with an entry resolution, decorated in all rules, with a registration number, signature and printing of the responsible person, arrived at E-Mail.

Visas in Rwanda Personal experience

This permission should have been submitted when registering for a flight to Kigali, and then on passport control at the Rwandan Capital Airport. Naturally, I put a visa upon arrival, so Rwanda’s trip successfully took place.

Visas in Rwanda Personal experience

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