Visas in Panama Personal Experience

Visas in Panama: Personal experience

To obtain a visa today, it is enough to present a copy of the air ticket, a certificate from work, one photo filled with a questionnaire (can be obtained in the embassy). From next year, a new questionnaire is introduced on 4 pages (now on one). Visa opens only tourist or business (private does not open). Tourist – only one-time, but for an additional fee (another consular fee) can be opened another one-time.

Consular fee today – 70 dollars. The consulate does not accept another currency. Asked to bring dollars of the new sample, but also the sample of 1996 accepted without problems.

Visas in Panama Personal Experience

The big queue is not observed, there were 3 people there, and all the workers in one voice fussed and said that, they say, there are many people today. Accordingly, there is no pre-recording. Ask, before going, call, clarify the requirements, because they often change.

Visas in Panama Personal Experience

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