Visas in Libya

Visas in Libya

To visit Libya, citizens of foreign states require a visa.

New rules imposed after the change of power in the country offer two options for registration of a visa – directly at the Consulates of the country or through official Libyan tour operators.

If the visa is drawn up through the tour operator, it is not required to contact the embassy, ​​and the filled form of an application for a visa and a scanned copy of the passport (a page with tourist data), which is at least 6 months from the end of the trip, will be sent by e-mail to the tour operator office.

Visas in Libya

In the case of a positive response, a visa confirmation is sent to the tourist to email, which shows the name and surname of the foreigner, the number of the passport, the date of entry, the visa number. When passing the boundary of the tourist will expect a representative of the host with the original visa.

However, at the moment, according to Libyan tour operators, the issuance of tourist visas is suspended due to an unstable situation in the country.


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