Visas in Lesotho

Visas in Lesotho

For entry into Lesotho, the citizens of Russia requires a visa. In Russia, Lesotho’s Embassy is not, the visas are issued either at the Embassy and Consulates of Great Britain on the territory of the our Federation, or in the dipmissions of Lesotho in South Africa (in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria).

A visa-free entrance

Visas in Lesotho

In some cases, and exclusively at the discretion of the immigration officer, our citizens can visit Lesotho without a predetermined visa. However, it is strictly not to build plans to visit the country, counting only on a good mood of border guards. Cases of entry of ours in Lesotho without a visa are single, but the number of those in the entrance was denied, amounts to dozens.
In case the permission for the entry is still obtained, a stamp is put into the passport of the tourist, which fits the number of days allowed for staying in the country (usually from 3 to 15 days).

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