Visas in Haiti

Visas in Haiti

Citizens of Russia to enter Haiti for a period not exceeding three months, the visa is not required.

Border crossing

When crossing the boundary, it is necessary to present the following documents:

    Visas in Haiti
  • Passport, valid at the time of entry;
  • Retings air tickets either Tickets for a third country.

Border and airport fees

When departing, the airport fee is charged $ 60 (as a rule, not included in the ticket price), when leaving the land border collection $ 20. In addition, at the entrance to land, the collection is paid $ 5. Important! As a rule, on ground checkpoints, representatives of the Border Service of Haiti are trying to extort additional bribes from tourists. Size possible "arrived" The border guard is assessed in accordance with the appearance of the tourist and the cost of its camera. In this regard, it is recommended not to take the road to the country and dress as simpler and more modest.

Visas in Haiti

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