Visas in Greenland Personal Experience

Visas in Greenland: Personal Experience

Let’s start with the fact that the Danish migration rules clearly suggest that if you have a passport of the country whose citizens should receive a visa to Denmark, then you also need to get a visa to Greenland and the Faroe Islands. I note that the presence of Schengen multisy, from which you can travel to Denmark does not allow to visit Greenland and Ferrene, as they are not included in the Schengen space.

So, the call to the Danish embassy confirmed all of the above. All documents on the Greenland visa completely coincide with the standard list for Schengen. I will note that I have a long-term Schengen in my passport and still had to collect everything on the list. Consular fee cost is the same – 35 euros

Visas in Greenland Personal Experience

The Danish Embassy made me take a little. I waited for my passport with a visa for almost 3 weeks, but in the end I got what I wanted. Greenland visa looks one in one as Schengen.

It cost me not only 35 euros of the consular fee, but also 25 euros for the services of the visa center with courier delivery

Visas in Greenland Personal Experience

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