Visas for American Samoa Personal Experience

Visas for American Samoa: Personal Experience

I know several people who travelery many countries and territories of Oceania could not get a belly visa. And I do not know who I could get it.

Visas for American Samoa Personal Experience

To begin with, called the office of the Attorney General. There they said that you need to act through the hotel or local tour Agency. From the necessary documents it is necessary to confirm the accommodation in the hotel, passport, mandatory flights and an arbitrary form statement. The cost of 30 day permission for the entry 40 USD. Posted in all the agencies of the contacts of which were on the website of the tourist center. For the current local tradition, no one answered. Coming with the staff of hotels concluded that many do not know about it or do not want to do even for an additional fee. So some did not even respond to letters. One small hotel agreed to make permission for an additional fee of 40 USD, provided they have accommodation. And prepayment did not take me. A few days later, permission was sent by email.

Visas for American Samoa Personal Experience

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